1What are the specifications of the simulators?
  • 12’ length, 7’ wide, 8’8” high
2What does the simulator weigh?
  • Bronze and Silver Models weigh approximately 2,500 lbs
  • Gold and Platinum Models weigh approximately 3,500 lbs
3What is the required classroom ceiling height?
  • All 6’ interior clearance models require a minimum of 8’8” floor to ceiling clearance.
4How does the simulator fit into our classroom?
  • Our simulators are modular in design and are disassembled allowing it to fit through a standard commercial doorway (3’W X 7’H).
5What materials are used in your simulator?
  • The frame of ALL our simulators are constructed with steel tubing, insulated and covered with aluminum sheeting. The same materials are used no matter which model you choose.
6What are the electrical requirements for the simulator?
  • Our simulators require only two (2) standard 110V outlets. Outlets located at the front curb side yield the best results, however we can work with what’s available.
7What is Pneumatic Movement?
  • Gold and Platinum Models actually simulate the movement students can expect while the ambulance is in motion. Our patented technology awarded in December 2017, uses a pneumatic base to achieve the most realistic training scenario available.
1Can I upgrade to pneumatic movement at a later date?
  • Yes! We are happy to upgrade our stationary base to pneumatic movement in the future.
2What does the rest of my class do while a few students are participating in the scenario?
  • Simulator Solutions provides an audio/video package with our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Simulators. The Silver, Gold and Platinum Simulators also include a 55" high definition monitor for the classroom to observe the scenarios taking place.
3Do your simulators have oxygen and suction outlets?
  • Yes! Each simulator has oxygen and suction outlets included. Silver, Gold, and Platinum come with functional oxygen and suction outlets.
4I would like to customize my simulator, is that possible?
  • Yes! Included in the base price of all of simulators is the ability to choose the flooring and upholstery colors. We also include a standard graphics option that includes your program logo and striping.
5How long does it take for you to install the simulator?
  • We will need access to the classroom for 5 days. Typically the simulator is delivered on Thursday and is ready for classroom use on the Monday after.
6Do you offer a warranty?
  • Yes! Included in the price of the simulator is a one year warranty. We offer 1,2 and 3 year warranties that can be purchased after the first year warranty expires.

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Our relentless innovation drives your realistic and effective training.

"It’s such a rewarding experience to be able to practice EMS skills and gain ambulance familiarity in a simulator that is built so true to life. Nowhere else could you find such a phenomenal replica in order to practice things like lifting and moving the cot, maneuvering around in the tight patient compartment, or initializing treatments in the back of what feels like an actual ambulance. To make it even better, you can replicate bumps in the road with how much it tilts and rocks around! From the countertops to the cabinets to the emergency lights to the seating arrangements, it is so close to the real thing, almost wouldn’t know the difference from the inside."
– Marshall Richardson, Sim Tech